Management Consulting & Advisory Services

Strategic Management Services

Our strategic, business, and action planning services help our customers to define their visions and missions and develop strategic objectives for business action plans so that they can achieve their visions. We work with customers to determine the best methods for delivering value and complying with changing legislative requirements. Developing a high-level advocacy so that the organization will adopt and champion the efforts is our goal. We understand the key value the organization provides its customers and stakeholders, the implications of not delivering value, and methods needed to identify key levers to improve client value and customer satisfaction.

We provide a comprehensive Strategic Management Services which aim to provide professional counselling and assistance in the analysis, conceptualisation, and formulation of strategies & plans along with the development of the implementation framework that assure client's sustained survival and long-term growth & profitability.

The Scope of Our Services
  • Strategic Planning – Formulation of vision, mission, core values, goals & objectives, corporate strategies & plans, business strategies & plans, functional strategies & plans
  • Organization development and strengthening – culture, structure, systems, people, facilities & other resources
  • Balanced Scorecard Development – corporate, SBU-s, Divisions, Departments, Sections, Individual, Analyses, strategy mapping, scorecard design, target setting, implementation planning, implementation assistance.
  • Assistance in process development & implementation
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation management
  • Designing Performance Management system; setting performance objectives, performance planning, performance monitoring & evaluation, performance intervention, performance appraisal
  • Examining the organization's strategic position to affirm or modify its strategic direction
  • Bringing critical internal and external information into process to facilitate sound strategic decision making;
  • Providing an uncomplicated, painless facilitated process based on proven strategic planning best practices;
  • Ensuring continuity and alignment throughout the organization through an all-inclusive, collaborative process;
  • Developing a holistic, understandable strategy that incorporates and integrates all aspects of the organization in a big picture view instead of individual silos;
  • Helping make strategic planning a habit for everyone in an organization;

Organisational Development / Change Management Services

Our Organization Development Services, is aimed to provide professional counsel and assistance in the development of the required organizations capable of implementing the chosen strategies.

The scope of our Services
Our Organization Development Services may include but not limited to:
  • Review and analysis of the basic departure points
  • Corporate culture development
  • Design of organization structures
  • Formulation of the mission of each unit
  • Determination of the required manpower composition and quantities
  • Job designs and job analyses
  • Preparation of job descriptions, job performance standards and job competency profiles
  • Job evaluations, job grading and designing C&B systems
  • Preparation of organization policies, systems and procedures
  • Organization and people competency development
  • Change management facilitation

Human Resources Management Services

Our HR management services aim to assist organizations manage the ‘people challenge’ by developing and implementing organizational solutions, developing people competencies, and managing change effectively.

Scope of Services
The HR management services we provide may include all or part of the following services:
  • Conducting HR management audits
  • Formulating HR strategy, plans and programs
  • Organization development
  • Personnel training & development
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation & Benefits System
  • Succession planning
  • Executive coaching
  • HR information systems
  • Provision of professional Human Resources Executives on a temporary or part-time basis
  • Development and reviews of Policies and Procedures
  • Compliance Standards with Appropriate Legislation, etc.

Project Management Services

Our Project Management Services aim to provide clients with the required competent project management professionals to complete projects on time, within budget, at the desired scope and quality levels.

Scope of Services
  • Project Initiation
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies
  • Assistance in arranging Project Funding
  • Project Planning
  • Project Monitoring, Control & Evaluation
  • Project Procurement
  • Project Contract Administration
  • Administrative & Operational Support
  • Project Audit
  • Provision of Project Managers And Project Staff
  • Project Consulting and Mentoring
  • Project Management Training