Corporate Governance Services

Governance as a business advisory process provides an exemplary structure for an organisation to work with. It promotes ethical behaviour, accountability and transparency. It encourages economic and financial stability and control, social and environmental responsibility and ethical investment policies and products. Ultimately, it results in enhanced shareholder value. A clear governance strategy directs and guides an organisation and promotes understanding between shareholders, directors and management. We are able to provide sound advice across all levels of organisational control on systems and procedures to ensure sound governance, while fulfilling responsibilities to stakeholders.

Our Corporate Solutions include:
  • Overall governance framework development in order to achieve a sound governance
  • Assessing your current governance practices, benchmarking them against good practice and making recommending improvements.
  • Reviewing existing performance evaluation procedures for the Board Committees and Directors and making recommendations
  • Development of Audit Committee and Internal Audit Charters
  • Corporate Governance reviews (full or partial reviews based on the King III report on Governance and incorporating legislative considerations such as the Companies Act, PFMA, MFMA, etc.)
  • Educational workshops, to assist in instilling 'good corporate values'
  • Assistance with the implementation of Audit and Risk Committees
  • Providing external expertise to your council board, A/c Risk committee, etc.
  • Evaluation of your IT department to a certain level of compliance with the King III, including alignment with the company's Strategic objectives,
  • Internal control, Risk Management and Information security
  • Conduct Cobit Maturity Assessment to evaluate IT governance and the level of value-Add and the associated risks.
  • Review and align Internal policies and procedures, to all set of relevant legislature and good governance practices
  • Where appropriate, we also serve on Audit Committees, either as members or independent consultants.

Risk Management Assurance and Advisory

All organisations of all kinds are being expected to get better at identifying, understanding and managing the variety of risks they are faced with. those risks could be associated with; technical accounting and reporting requirements, effectiveness of internal audit functions, enterprise risk management programmes, legislative and regulatory non-compliance, fraud and misconduct, technological change, business continuity, etc. At BAI we work with organisations and other relevant stakeholders to help them better understand their risk exposures and develop robust control systems and measures. Our experienced risk and compliance professionals offer timely and practical advice. Our services include:

  • Accounting consulting & Advisory Services – will assist with becoming compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards/GRAP/GAAP, and will advise your business about all technical accounting and reporting requirements
  • Forensic – We assist clients to prevent, detect and respond to fraud, misconduct and non-compliance with expectations, and provide assistance in resolving disputes
  • Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance services – to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of internal audit functions, enterprise risk management programmes, reviews of third party relationships, risk and controls management and sustainability programmes
  • IT Advisory – which focuses on the risks specifically pertaining to the technology systems used to support clients' business objectives through providing advice and solutions that assist in releasing value from information technology.
  • We also provide assurance on core business processes in risk management and governance. Develop risk policies, strategies and frameworks
  • We facilitate risk assessment workshops, / control self-assessment
  • Educate management and the audit committee on risk and risk management concepts.
  • Chairing Risk Management Committees etc.